My first album, Dangko Bazaar, with songs I composed.
Dangko Bazaar: Western Region Dohori and Folk Songs. Singers: Govinda Acharya, Tilak Bam Malla, Indira Gurung, Kaushila Pariyar, Dambar Khadkathoki, Ram Kumar (me!)

In 1997, to my surprise, I won a music competition in Dang, and caught the attention of Dr. Govinda Acharya, a keen supporter of the folk songs of western Nepal. With his support, my cousin Dambar, friend Kaushila Pariyar, and I went to Kathmandu to record this album. Govinda himself and superstars Tilak Bam Malla and Indira Gurung also lent their voices to our recordings. This was the first big event in my music career.